My hopes for our young boys

I hope he grows up in a loving family. I hope he sees on a daily basis how his father loves, appreciates and cares for his mother.

I hope he will not witness his father beat up his mother. I hope he will not see aggression and violence as legitimate ways to resolve arguments and disagreements.

I hope he will not bottle up his sadness and grief just because people around him tell him that “boys don’t cry.”

I hope he will be surrounded with positive male role models who don’t subscribe to the “boys will be boys” mentality that excuses disrespectful and irresponsible behaviour of boys.

Photo © Hermes Rivera

I hope he will not measure his manhood or ‘pagka lalaki’ by the number of his sexual conquests and partners.

I hope he will not be drawn into casual and ‘heart-callousing’ sexual hookups where he discards girls after he has satisfied his lust.

I hope he will have opportunities to pursue his passion and develop his talents whether it’s dancing, singing, playing sports, painting or programming.

I hope he will have a wide range of options with regard to his education…whether he wants to be a teacher, nurse, social worker, pastor, engineer, doctor or pilot in the future.

I hope he will become a caring and compassionate man who will use his talents and energies to help create a future where everyone, especially the most marginalized, has a chance to contribute and leave a lasting legacy.

I would love to hear from you. What are your hopes for our young boys?

My hopes for our young boys
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