Family Guidelines for Your Teens’ Activities

At the onset of summer, our 17-year old daughter said that she plans to invite her friends to swim in the pool in our condominium compound. We said that we will say ‘yes’ to this activity when our family guidelines and safety measures are followed.

We discussed and agreed on the date of the swimming activity, the number of friends that she will invite, and the need for the parents of her friends to sign the Activity Permission Form. You need to agree on the date/time so you make sure, based on your schedule, that either one of you as the parent will be there to supervise the activity. You need to set the number of friends that will be invited to make sure that it’s a number that is manageable. You don’t want to have too many of your teens’ friends over that it will become challenging for you to look after them.

Below is the format and content of the Activity Permission Form. You may refer to this as a sample or a reference for a similar permission form for your teens’ upcoming activities.

Some of the parents of our daughter’s friends initially did not want to sign the permission form. They were asking if it was serious and if it was necessary. They commented that it was like the permission slip from school. We explained to our daughter that her friends’ parents should sign the form otherwise her friends will not be able to join the swimming activity.

It is a big responsibility to be looking after the children of other people. Requesting parents to sign a permission slip is not just for your protection as the one in-charge of the activity. It is also for the peace of mind of the other parents knowing that you can be contacted and they will be contacted for updates especially if there is an emergency. Encourage other parents to use this permission form as one way of setting family guidelines for their children’s activities.

I would love to hear from you.

Have you done this permission slip when you were in-charge of the activity for your teen and his/her friends? What were the reactions of the other parents?

Have you encountered parents who requested you to sign a permission slip for an activity that they are organizing? What was your reaction?

What other family guidelines and safety measures do you have in place that you may share with other parents?


Family Guidelines for Your Teens’ Activities
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